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8/14 Minor League Summary; Swept Away

Organization went 0-5 on the night but at least the Jays won tonight or it would've been a depressing day.

Jays Organization Player of the Day:
Travis Snider (yesterday's JOPotD) showed some power which was discussed that he hasn't shown amazing power ability so he jacked out 2 tonight. He struggled defensively that remains a huge question mark for Snider as some believe he will be at 1B or DH as he seems to be a pure hitter. I have no idea what they will do but if Snider does have defensive problem it should be no big deal as many are expecting it as he has a very god bat for his age.

Scranton/WB 7, Syracuse 4
JotG: None

New Britain 12, New Hampshire 5
Ricky Romero struggled for the second straight start giving up 4 runs in 4 2/3 IP. JotG goes to Mathews and Smith. Mathews was 2 for 4 with a home run and 3 RBI while Smith was 3 for 3 with 2 doubles and 2 walks.
Sarasota 5, Dunedin 3
AJ Wideman struggled giving up 3 home runs in 7 innings. Carl Cota gets the JotG with 3 hits on the night.

Beloit 8, Lansing 7
JotG: Travis Snider was huge at the plate but bad defensively. He was 3 for 4 with a double and two home runs with 3 RBI. He did have 2 errors and the Lugnuts had 5 on the night on a sloppy day.

Beloit 8, Lansing 7

AL All-Stars 6, NL All-Stars 4
Jays Representatives: Ben Zeskind, Manny Rodriguez and Cody Crowell.
Zeskind: 1 for 2.
Rodriguez: 1 for 1 with an RBI
Crowell: 1 shutout inning with a K.

GCL Tigers 4, GCL Jays 2
Chi-Hung Cheng had a decent start giving up 2 runs in 4 innings. Much better from his other starts. no JotG.