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8/13 Minor League Summary

Jays Organization Player of the Day:
With the recent profiles done on Nate Starner and Joel Carreno, I'll give this one to Travis Snider by default.

Travis Snider:

Snider doesn't need an introduction to most hardcore Jays' fans. Since he was picked 14th overall in last year's draft he has been on fire. He is deemed as the next elite prospect to come from our system and he as done nothing to prove himself wrong. With the numbers he is putting up you could argue that the Jays organization is being patient by not having him promoted to Dunedin already. If he continues to hit the way he does he looks 2-3 years away but could even make it faster if he does happen to hit the way he does at higher levels. He is our #1 prospect and looks to remain that way (Lind is just filler at the moment).

Pawtucjket 8, Syracuse 6
JotG: Robinzon Diaz had 3 hits on the night.

Lansing 9, Beloit 4
JotG goes to both Nate Starner and Travis Snider. Starner pitched 5 shut out innings with 6Ks while Snider was 2 for 5 with a home run and 2 RBI.

GCL Jays 5, GCL Indians 0 (Game 1- 7 innings)
JotG: Jimmy Dougher with 5 shut out innings while striking out 2 in his start. Ahrens had two RBI and two hits.

GCL Jays 3, GCL Indians 1 (Game 2- 7 innings)
JotG: Joel Carreno pitched 5 2/3 innings with just 1 ER and 5Ks.