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She Begged Son Please Don't Go to Baltimore And Leave Me Where I'm Lying - 8/17: O's at J's

Friday, August 17 - Toronto, Ontario
7:07 PM (EDT)

Baltimore Orioles
Brian Roberts 2b
Corey Patterson cf
Nick Markakis rf
Miguel Tejada ss
Kevin Millar 1b
Aubrey Huff dh
Melvin Mora 3b
Ramon Hernandez c
Jay Payton lf

Pitching: Garrett Olson, LHP

Toronto Blue Jays

Reed Johnson lf
Lyle Overbay 1b
Alexis Rios rf
Vernon Wells cf
Frank Thomas dh
Troy Glaus 3b
Aaron Hill 2b
Curtis Thigpen c
John Macdonald ss

Pitching: A.J. Burnett, RHP

Although I hate Nashville country, I've always had a bit of a weakness for Lyle Lovett. Tonight's post title is brought to y'all by his song "Baltimore" from Joshua Judges Ruth, which, despite being one of the best ever album titles, isn't his best album (my favorites are Pontiac, Road to Ensenada, and I Love Everybody).

Anyway, the Jays host the O's for a weekend series. AJ Burnett faces off tonight against Garrett Olson.

It looks like Gustavo Chacin will not throw again this season (surprise!) and will likely need exploratory surgery to see what's wrong with his shoulder. Feel better soon, Gustavo.

Last season, sabermetric-type people, from whom I typically learn very much (I'm amazed at how much more I know about the game now than when I, you know, played it) and with whom I usually agree, kept trying to convince me (and y'all) that Brian Roberts is not any good. Personally, I think it's Randy Newman-esque height discrimination. To paraphrase Billy Beane (former 5-tool Mets prospect, by the way), "we're not trying to sell size 13 cleats here, people." Brian Roberts is good at baseball!!!. It just took him a while to recover from a horrific wrist injury. How good would he look on this team, leading off, if Hill could move to SS?

An open note to Gibbons - STOP IT ALREADY WITH THE RIOS THIRD AND WELLS FOURTH! It's not working. I'm sure it will work some night (probably tonight now that I'm ranting about it) and Gibbons will look like a non-buffoon while we win 13-2 or something, until the next day happens and our offensive ineptness starts all over again.

After last night's game, Hector Luna was optioned to AAA and an old friend was recalled . One need only consider how long it took Russ Adams to crack this season's big league team to see how far out of favor he's fallen. Adams is showing a little more power at AAA (not suprising for an age 27 season) with 11 HRs thusfar, and has been a little unlucky with the stick (a .280 BABIP lower than one would expect given his speed), so there's some chance he can contribute as a part-timer. I don't know what chance he'll get to play (assuming the team no longer is willing to try him at SS, Hill is a mainstay at 2nd) but he runs well, can steal a base, hits lefthanded, and can work a walk, so he may be able to contribute off the bench. Not sure if he's ever played third before, but I'd rather see him there than Hector Luna, although his past arm troubles are a bit worrying for the hot corner.