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8/1 Game Summary; Jays Lose Rubber and Still Can't Score

My apologies to all the Bluebird Banterers out there as I was caught up in seeing a concert. I had forgotten that Hugo is going to be away from the 1st and the 13th. Unfortunately you are going to be stuck with me but the good news is that I will be around for more of the games as summer classes have ended.

All I can offer in return for missing a lackluster Jays game is an lackluster summary.

The Blue Jays undertook a different philosophy for this game as they were more aggressive on the base paths. Arguably it probably led to one run but Rios did get caught stealing 3rd to halt a possible rally early on. I don't think small ball is for this team though some more aggressiveness on the base paths can help in the right situations.

Small ball or not the Jays offense will not score mustering only 2 hits against the lowly Tampa Bay bullpen even with Dan Wheeler in the fold.

As for Towers he was doing alright before the 6th inning but I think we expect more from him when he criticizes the team.

Waning Gibbons: For having Rios caught stealing third base in the first inning. Very unnecessary and probably killed the Jays bats as it killed momentum on unnecessary aggressiveness. Even if AJ Burnett or Chacin come back to the rotation they won't help up as our batters have been atrocious. Time to start the "fire Gibbons" statements?

Jays of the game: None. Just a terrible game all around and maybe I should be glad I missed it.