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8/1 Minor League Summary; Mr. Robinzon's Day

Is it just me or the Minor League Baseball site is popping up as a cash parked page on Someone please let me know as it is bugging me greatly.

Jays Organizational Player of the Day:

Robinzon Diaz may be new name to you if you  haven't been following the Blue Jay prospects this year but Diaz has made a huge leap in most people in eyes based on his continued success. Hitting .316 for New Hampshire is no slouch and he has hit .303 over his entire minor league career. He is currently in my top 10 of Blue Jay prospects due to having success at a higher level compared to most of the once known Blue Jay prospects.

Diaz was signed as a 17-year old from the Dominican Republic and started in Medicine Hat as an 18-year old. His breakthrough year was his .374 batting average with Pulaski and he has been a consistent hitter that doesn't strike out. He is apparently not a slap hitter but likes putting the ball into play. One interesting thing to note is that from low A ball all the way to AA his slugging percentage has increased. So far this year he has 4 home runs which is a career high. It's a good sign to see improvement. In addition to a "weakness" that Diaz has is that he doesn't walk too much. Apparently he is such a good contact hitter that he can just put things into play. That type of approach won't transfer well in the majors and I think I would like to see him as patient and keeping down his astonishingly low K rate.

With Robinzon Diaz, his performance this year has put him on the map. There will ultimately be tons of doubters still no matter how well he does. He has consistently proven everyone wrong by. He apparently has receiving and glove work problems but is a lot closer to the majors then what most had him going into the start of this year. He may even get a call up in September so we can see more of what he is about.

Syracuse 6, Rochester 2
Robinzon Diaz is the man. He had a breakout game proving his value as a prospect. Diaz was 3 for 4 with a home run, double, bunt single, 2 runs and 4 RBI. He easily takes the JotG. Josh Banks also had a very very solid outing that be would worthy of a JoTG any other day. 7IP with 2 ER and 5Ks and no home runs is no slouch.

Harrisburgh 6, New Hampshire 5 (11 innings)
Quite a few multi-hit performances in a losing effort. JotG goes to Sergio Santos for getting 2 hits and 2 RBI.

Dunedin 2, Fort Myers 1
The JotG goes to Chris Gutierrez who was 3 for 3 with 2 doubles and singled in the top of the 7th for the winning run. Honorable mention goes to Robert ray for going 4 innings with 6Ks.

Dunedin 3, Fort Myers 1
Brandon Magee has finally turned a corner and may get consideration to be put back as a top 20 prospect. With his 3rd straight excellent outing in a row, Magee pitched 5 shutout innings with 6Ks and only 2 walks. He gets the JotG and hopefully he can continue this.

Cedar Rapids 5, Lansing 1
The Lugnuts could only muster 6 hits on the night and had 3 errors to boot.

Auburn 6, Jamestown 0
Brett Cecil suspiciously only went 2 innings in his start striking out 4. Drew Taylor pitching 3 innings with 5Ks and Ryan Bird pitched 3 innings with 4 Ks to get the JotG.

GCL Indians/Jays doubleheader was suspended.