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8/20 Minor League Summary

(forgot about today--4 am)
Jays Organizational Player of the Day:
Robert Ray is a 23-year old 6'5 righty pitcher in Dunedin. He was drafted in the 7th round in 2005 out of Texas A&M. Ray has a great size for a pitcher and his K/BB has been respectable at each level. He currently sports a 4.77 ERA. He basically gets hit around a lot but that may be due to a high BABIP (.411 as of August 18). He definitely needs more outings where he can show that where he limits the amount of hits getting to him. Not sure if he is deserving of a shot at New Hampshire but it is his second year at repeating High-A without much improvement. He may be better at AA due the better level of defense.

Syracuse 8, Pawtucket 6
JotG: John Hatting was 2 for 5 with a homerun and 2 RBI.

New Hampshire 4, Binghamton 2
JotG: Kyle Yates allowed just 1 run in 6 1/3 innings. He did give up 8 hits and just strike out 2 but was able to get by.

Dunedin 8, Fort Myers 2
JotG: Robert Ray surrendered only 1 hit in 7 innings however he did walk 4 and only struck out 3. Limiting a team to one hit is impressive nonetheless.

GCL Jays 4, GCL Braves 3 (10 innings)
JotG: Jason Monti struck out 5 in 2 2/3 IP in the late innings of the game.