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8/24 Game Thread: Jays at Angels

Saturday, August 24 - Anaheim, California
10:05 PM (EDT)

Toronto Blue Jays
Reed Johnson lf
Lyle Overbay 1b
Alexis Rios rf
Vernon Wells cf
Frank Thomas dh
Troy Glaus 3b
Aaron Hill 2b
Greg Zaun c
John Macdonald ss

Pitching: Doc Halladay, RHP

Orange County Angels

Reggie Willits dh
Orlando Cabrera ss
Vlad Guerrero rf
Garrett Anderson lf
Gary Matthews Jr cf
Macier Izturis 3b
Kendry Morales 1b
Howie Kendrick 2b
Jeff Mathis c

Pitching: Jered Weaver, RHP

I certainly don't wish injury on anyone, but I have to admit, I don't miss seeing Figgins in the lineup against us. Another late game (from the POV of those of us on the east coast), let's see if Doc can continue his impressive August (3-0, 3.19 ERA). I'm afraid Gibbons is waning for starting Reed and batting him first against the righty, given that Stairs put in another impressive game yesterday.