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8/25 Minor League Summary; 5-0 night!

Jays Organization Player of the Game:
Kyle Yates

Kyle Yates was one of our top pitching prospects heading into the season. He was originally drafted in 2004 in the 13th round.
Yates is 24 and stands 5'10 so while I wish I was that height he is short for the ideal pitcher image of most scouts. He apparently has great control but not great stuff. He rated as a C+ prospect with a great curve ball coming off a great season in 2006. He was sent this year to repeat in AA again (why? no clue) and all his ratios are down, he's giving up more hits and has really struggled at times.
Yates is falling on the prospect lists whether he pitches well or not. The incoming draft talent definitely drops Yates behind. Yates looks like at best a #5 (unlikely to me) and more as a reliever. With the way our rotation is looking and lots of prospect in front of Yates (with their own struggles but Purcey, Romero, Banks, Chacin will be tough to beat) I am not sure his future is with the Blue Jays and he is still a good prospect to be included in a trade.

Syracuse 5, Ottawa 4
JotG: John-Ford Griffin who singled in the winning run. Had a good 2 for 3 night with 2 walks.

New Hampshire 6, Portland 1
JotG: Kyle Yates had a very good night, pitching 6 shutout innings and striking out 5.

Lansing 6, Great Lakes 2
JotG: The batters were on tonight with 15 hits but Chris Reddout had the best individual performance pitched 4 shutout inning with 5Ks in relief.

Auburn 5, Batavia 4
JotG: JP Arencibia went 3 for 4 with 2 doubles.

GCL Jays 5, GCL Tigers 1
JotG: John Tolisano with a 3 for 4 night and a home run. Joel Carreno gets honorable mention for his 8K in 5 IP performance.