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8/5 Minor League Summary

Hmm I had a person make a comment on Battersbox recently disliking the Ricky Romero write up I did on his last start. Calling me the type that overrates our prospects calling them the next best thing. It annoyed me a little but if you happen to dislike anything I write feel free to criticize here so I can try my best to give a good response. I could use more feedback!

Jays Organizational Player of the Day:
Ben Zeskind:

Benjamin L. Zeskind was drafted last year in the 2006 draft in the 37th round as a 5th year senior out of the University of Richmond. He probably got a very little bonus but has done pretty well so far.
He plays the outfield and last year in Auburn he hit .277 with a .796 OPS. Nothing special to say the least. This year he has been great for Auburn as he is hitting .313 with an OPS of 900. He generally gets recognition from me everyday for his performance.
Being 24 he is old for  short season A ball to say the least. This is also him repeating the league so I would  think he is deserving of a call up to Lansing as his age would probably require it. I don't expect much out of him at higher levels but it can't hurt to root for a guy that's a long shot. If he does get a call to Lansing I'll watch him closely.

Ottawa 4, Syracuse 2
Mike Vento was 3 for 4 on the night to share the JotG with Mark Redman. Redman was alright in his start allowing just 1ER in 6 innings while striking out 3.

New Hampshire 10, Altoona 5
The Fishercats has 12 hits and had some help with defensive errors by Altoona. The JotG goes to Ryan Patterson and Rob Cosby who had two hits each and combined for 5 RBI.

Dunedin 8, Palm Beach 0
Adrian Martin gets the JotG in his first start in Dunedin. He has featured primarily as a reliever and pitched 5 shutout innings of 1 hit ball with 4Ks. Impressive but I am not sure what the long term plans are for Martin. Patton, Gutierrez and Gonzales each had 2 hits apiece.

Lansing 12, Peoria 4
Kyle Ginley had a bit of mixed bag when it comes to his start. He pitched 4 innings with 9Ks and only 1 run given up. He did walk 4 and gave up 4 hits so we was lucky to have gotten away with just 1 run given up. Snider and Campbell each had two hits but the JotG goes Jonathan Jaspe and Matt Lane who were each 4 for 5 on the night.

Auburn 12, Jamestown 4
Marc Rzepczynski (had to paste this name) was solid in 5 innings striking out 7. He did walk 3 and gave up 2 hits with just giving up 1 run. I would give him the JotG but Ben Zeskind had a terrific night in the lead off spot who hit a grand slam but also had a walk and scored 3 runs.