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8/8 Game Thread: Yankees vs Jays

Wednesday, August 8th- Toronto, Ontario
7:07 PM (EDT)

New York Yankees
Melky Cabrera CF
Derek Jeter SS
Bobby Abreu RF
Jorge Posada C
Hideki Matsui LF
Jason Giambi DH
Robinson Cano 2B
Wilson Betemit 3B
Andy Phillips 1B

Pitching: Chien-Ming Wang, RHP

Toronto Blue Jays

Matt Stairs LF
Lyle Overbay 1B
Alexis Rios RF
Vernon Wells CF
Frank Thomas DH
Troy Glaus 3B
Aaron Hill 2B
Gregg Zaun C
John MacDonald SS

Pitching: Roy Halladay, RHP

The past two games have been terrible for us. Lost in all the media ruckus from Beckham being here on Monday's game, to the A-rod fun yesterday. We sucked, plain and simple.

Jason Giambi also makes a return and John Gibbons is doing something different with the lineup struggling. He still has a refusal to put Wells lower in the lineup and has now put two lefties together at the top of the lineup. I don't like where this Stairs experience is going...but hey I guess we'd all be cheering if Stairs steals another base.