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9/01 Very Short Recap: Mariners at Jays

Saturday, September 1- Toronto, Ontario
1:07 PM (EDT)

Guys, terribly sorry I missed the game thread today. I was riding my bike through Capitol Hill, DC to band rehearsal, when some asshat Virginian SUV-owner decided to run me off the road (notwithstanding the fact that I was in a bike lane!) so I missed the post, and the game, when I was forced to introduce my arm into a side-view mirror. Anyway, my arm is pretty banged up, but it's not broken or anything so hopefully it will be better soon. What a way to spend a beautiful day.

The Jays had better luck than my throwing arm, taking a 2-1 afternoon game from the Mariners behind some stellar work from Dustin McGowan. McGowan went 8, yielding a mere 6 hits and 1 walk, striking out 3, and generally befuddling the Mariners. Accardo pitched a scoreless 9th to collect his 27th save. On the offensive side, Troy Glaus singled in Alexis Rios for the winning run in the 8th inning. Not much else, although Zaun homered and Hill had a double taken away for batting out of order.

Well, I'm excited for tomorrows contest, at least! Jays of the Day: McGowan, flanked by Accardo, Glaus, and Zaun, with HM to Frank.