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9/15 Game Thread: Battle of the Birds, Round II

Saturday, September 15th - Toronto, Ontario
1:05 PM (EDT)

Baltimore Orioles
Brian Roberts 2b
Tike Redman cf
Nick Markakis rf
Miguel Tejada ss
Aubrey Huff 1b
Kevin Millar dh
Scott Moore 3b
J.R. House c
Freddy Bynum lf

Pitching: Kurt Birkins, LHP

Toronto Blue Jays

Vernon Wells cf
Reed Johnson lf
Alexis Rios cf
Frank Thomas dh
Aaron Hill 2b
Matt Stairs 1b
Greg Zaun c
Hector Luna 3b
John Macdonald ss

Pitching: Doc Halladay, RHP

Yesterday's game, in which Litsch just didn't have it and the Jays offense did nothing despite the so-far lackluster Brian Burres being the O's pitcher, was rough. The Jays hope to rebound today behind the Doctor and hopefully stop: 1) screwing him out of victories; and 2) stop running his arm into the ground for no reason. You're not supposed to throw 125 pitches every time out, it's just a bad idea.

It looks like the starter for the O's is the lefty Kurt Birkins, despite earlier reports of it being old not-quite-a-friend Victor Zambrano. I am a little relieved as it would be a little humiliating for the Jays to be shut down by Zambrano, and I'm reasonably sure it would've happened. But I would like to see Adams get some more at-bats to see if he will be good enough to fill a super-utility role next season. Who knows, he could be our Maicer Itzturis or Ryan Freel next season.

Unfortunately, I won't be around for the game today (since it is Baltimore, it is one of the few Jays Saturday day games that won't be blocked out in the area.). But it's not like the Jays, beyond some good pitching performances by Doc and A.J., have given much reason to watch lately.