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9/16 Game Thread: O's at Jays

Time: 1:05 ET on Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Shaun Marcum: 12-6 with a 4.11 ERA, 116/46 K/BB


> Victor Santos: 0-1 with a 16.88 ERA, 1/0 K/BB

I won't be around today, as I will be hiking in Shenendoah, so here's the early thread. Shaun Marcum looks to get back on track. He's been mostly lousy in August and September, his Ks have declined precipitously, and he has looked tired, which has prompted some grumbling from Brad Arnsberg about how, in his day, 21 year old pitchers threw 240 innings, uphill, mostly in the snow. The Jays, though, are the ones who had Marcum prepare for the season as a reliever. Marcum has admitted that his conditioning should be better (he is interested in learning the Doc offseason regimen) but, to me, the problem is in his mechanics, which put a lot of stress on his arm as he sort of slings the ball rather than pushing off with his legs. It might not be a bad idea to shut him down soon, though he might not be able to get to 200 innings next season. If so, though, what can you do? Marcum has given them significant value as a starter for the innings he has provided this season, so can't the Jays live with that. You basically know with Burnett you're not going to get 200 innings either.