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Toronto Blue Jays @ New York Yankees

Friday September 21st - Bronx, New York
7:05 PM (EDT)

Toronto Blue Jays
Reed Johnson rf
Matt Stairs 1b
Alexis Rios cf
Frank Thomas dh
Aaron Hill 2b
Russ Adams 3b
Greg Zaun c
Adam Lind lf
Rey Olmedo ss

Pitching: Doc Halladay, RHP

New York Yankees

Johny Damon lf
Derek Jeter ss
Bobby Abreu rf
Alex Rodriguez 3b
Hideki Matsui dh
Jorge Posada c
Robinson Cano 2b
Doug Mientkiewicz 1b
Melky Cabrera cf

Pitching: Chien-Ming Wang, RHP

I haven't been around this month due to school and I am just filling in for Hugo who will be at the game.

With Wells being shut down for the rest of this year (should have been done a few weeks ago?) it opens up a spot for Sparky and Rios to show their true fielding skills at slightly tougher positions.

With this being the end of the year, for some of these players they are jockeying for position on next year's roster. Russ Adams' heroics have been noted and are very surprising since most of us probably wrote him off (including me). He looks to be a utility type with decent speed. He did have good at bats in the minors before hitting the majors but he seemed to struggle with the bat along with his defensive problems. I do like him as next year's backup 3rd basemen and Johnny Mac as the defensive sub in late games.

What do we do with Sparky? He has a little bit over a week to prove that the Toronto Blue Jays should tender him (at $4 million) which is highly unlikely.