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Feelin' Massachusetts: 9/4 Game Thread: Jays at BoSox

Tuesday, September 4th - Boston, Massachusetts
7:05 PM (EDT)

Toronto Blue Jays
Vernon Wells cf
Matt Stairs lf
Alexis Rios rf
Frank Thomas dh
Troy Glaus 3b
Lyle Overbay 1b
Aaron Hill 2b
Greg Zaun c
John Macdonald ss

Pitching: Doc Halladay, RHP

Boston Red Sox

Julio Lugo ss
Dustin Pedroia 2b
David Ortiz dh
Mike Lowell 3b
J.D. Drew rf
Kevin Youkilis 1b
Jason Varitek c
Coco Crisp cf
Jacoby Ellsbury lf
Pitching: Josh Beckett, RHP

Well, crazy game yesterday, and not particularly in the fun way. But I'm still excited about watching today's game, though. Anytime Doc is on the mound, count me in, although he has had his problems against the Red Sox, who seem to have his number - they swing at a lot of first pitches, don't try to do too much, and give him lots of problems. The Doctor has either completed the game or given the Jays 9 innings in his last 4 starts. The Sox make doing that sort of thing tough.

The Jays trot out an identical lineup to yesterday, and why not? They scored 10 runs, after all. In fact, don't look now, but the Jays have scored 25 runs in their last 4 games, which is sort of pathetic that we're even bragging about that, but you have to take what you can get at this point.

Opposing the Doctor is Josh Beckett. Beckett is awesome, with an astounding 158/34 K/BB ratio. That said, even though he toasted the Yankees in 2003, I'm not a big fan of his due to his ridiculous antics on the mound. I would be lying if I said I didn't have the urge to occasionally scream in someone's face after successfully arguing a case against them, though.

Update: How could I forget? Today's post title is courtesy of the lovely former Blake Baby and Lemonhead Juliana Hatfield, one of Hugo's first ever crushes, as she played the pretty cafeteria girl on the Adventures of Pete and Pete and is an awesome songwriter and singer besides.