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9/5 Game Thread: Jays at Red Sox

Wednesday, September 5th - Boston, Massachusetts
7:05 PM (EDT)

Toronto Blue Jays
Vernon Wells cf
Matt Stairs lf
Alexis Rios rf
Frank Thomas dh
Troy Glaus 3b
Lyle Overbay 1b
Aaron Hill 2b
Greg Zaun c
John Macdonald ss

Pitching: Shaun Marcum, RHP

Boston Red Sox

Julio Lugo ss
Jacoby Ellsbury lf
David Ortiz dh
Mike Lowell 3b
J.D. Drew rf
Kevin Youkilis 1b
Jason Varitek c
Coco Crisp cf
Alex Cora 2b

Pitching: Curt Schilling, RHP

2 days in a row I've sat down to watch the Jays game, only to be interrupted in the first inning by complete ridiculousness and not let go until the game was more than half over. Today, I vow, I will be around, and I will be commenting, and hopefully, cheering.

Yesterday was a frustrating game. As cool as it is to watch Doc hurl complete game after complete game, I hate it because it seems like he is being overextended for no reason. I understand the bullpen was overtaxed the night before, but with expanded rosters and the Jays pretty much out of contention, why risk anything by letting Doc go to 120 pitches? Gibbons, to his credit, has been pretty cautious with Marcum, McGowan, and Litsch, and has been reasonably so with A.J. since his injury, but I just don't buy that Doc should or can be throwing 120 pitches every game. I'd do every other start, at the most, if it was me.

Anyway, the Jays send out the same lineup again, is this the first time all season Gibbons has trotted out the same lineup for a whole 3-game series? It sure feels like it.

Let's go Jays!