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Introduction & Scouting Report: Jonathan Del Campo

Well, this is my first post on Bluebird Banter. I don't see the need to introduce myself since Hugo has already done that for me, so we shall get right into baseball.

For the next couple of days to get us ready for Spring Training, I am going to be posting some Scouting Reports on some young Jays. In fact, I will be posting a Scouting Report a day for the Top 30 Jays Prospects. However, the Reports will come in no particular order. I will let you decided where each player ranks in the Jays Top 30 Prospects.

Today's Scouting Report is on Jonathan Del Campo.


Jonathan Del Campo
Toronto Blue Jays

Scouts Rating (When grading a player's tools, scouts use a standard 20-80 scale. When you read that a pitcher throws an above-average slider, it can be interpreted as a 60 pitch, or a plus pitch. Plus-plus is 70, or well-above-average, and so on. Scouts don't throw 80s around very freely.)
· Overall: 50
· Hit: 60
· Field: 60
· Speed: 40
· Arm: 50

Overall  - Del Campo has what it takes to become an average everyday Shortstop in the Majors. His batting is above average, as well as his fielding ability. His speed however is below average and his arm strength rates only average.
Hit  - Del Campo had a solid 2007 campaign at the plate, hitting .337 with 11 doubles. He almost doubled his Slugging Percentage this year, which the Jays are hoping, is a sign of things to come. He showed a decent Batter's Eye against GCL Pitchers. His increase in power also came with an increase in strikeouts but he still drew a fair amount of walks.
Field  - Del Campo is an above average fielder, showing good range and smoothness. He has fairly good footwork, which doesn't need much work. He'll have to get used to turf, but that shouldn't be too hard for someone with fielding ability like he has.
Speed  - Del Campo doesn't have much speed at all, only stealing two bases in the GCL last year. Although he already has good range, if he was faster he would have even more range, so that's definitely something for him to work on.
Arm  - Del Campo has an average arm for an infielder. His throws fly across the diamond moving fairly fast. He doesn't commit many, if any, throwing errors. At the end of last season, the coaches for the GCL Jays decided to try him in the Outfield, where he played quite well and his arm strength definitely helped him.
Projection - The Jays should send Del Campo to Low Class A Auburn to start the season, with a mid to late season call up to High Class A Lansing. He's only 19 so the Jays can take their time with Del Campo. Unless Del Campo can translate his doubles power to over the wall power, his future may be at second base.