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Week 4 Football Pool Results

This week's winners with the spread were KC (they thumped Denver!?), Cleveland, Houston, Jets (who thought Brett had that kind of game left in him), New Orleans, Carolina, Tennessee, Tampa Bay, Buffalo, San Diego, Washington, Chicago and Baltimore.

This did I do awful....but doing much less awful were hopelessjaysfan and whit27. They each got 8 out of 15. Hopelessjaysfan came closer to the tie breaker, which was the number of runs scored by the Orioles and Jays on the weekend. They scored 17 runs on a weekend where 2 of the 3 runs were rain shortened.

So this make three straight weeks that hopeless has tied for the win of the pool and the second time he's won on the tie breaker. I'll get the poll up for next weekend tomorrow. And maybe I'll get more than three right. Maybe.