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Padres Waive Michael Barrett, Should the Jays Take a Look?

Well, the title pretty much says it all. Barrett missed most of this season because of injuries and wasn't any good last year, but he did have 3 solid seasons prior to that and we're not exactly flush at the catcher position. The Jays have all but said that they won't bring Zaun back, and they didn't really appear to like Thigpen at the position. Barrett might give some cover for J.P. Arencibia so that he's not rushed up until ready, and he could even discover his former form, where he was an above-average offensive performer.  His defense might not be particularly good, but his career OPS+ of 89 sure looks a lot better than Big Rod's 77.  It might be worth taking a look, since he's unlikely to cost any more than Zaun did this season.  What do y'all think?