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Championship Series Day 6

Rays 3500 Red Sox 4

What? That wasn't the final? I'll admit I gave up on it by about the 5th. Sox have given up 31 runs in the last three games. Who would have thought they would be this awful? Can't pitch and can't hit and there isn't that much more to the game than that.

Willie Aybar hit a homer and drove in 5. Crawford was 5 for 5 and Pena and Longoria each hit one out. And anytime you thought the Sox were going to make a come back BJ Upton would run a ball down in center. Boy he has great range. Now this is how I remember the Red Sox doing at playoff time. The Rays are a good team, but they ain't this good. You think Theo really traded Manny for money to produce an off-Broadway play?

Wakefield was terrible in a game the Sox needed. His knuckle ball was up and it was hit hard. He gave up 6 hits, 5 earned runs and 3 homers in 2.2 innings. And yet, Manny Delcarmen was even worse giving up 5 runs while just getting 1 out.

Former Jays and Canadians in the game: Gabe Gross and Hinske sat out this one. I had forgotten that reliever Trever Miller of the Rays had been a Jay, he came in in the 8th, gave up a hit and got a strike out. For the Sox, former Jay prospect Kevin Cash went 1 for 3 with a solo homer in the 3rd, I'd think he'll get the start behind the plate Thursday night as Varitek hasn't hit a thing. Mike Timlin pitched the last 2 mop up innings giving up 2 more runs. And Canadian Jason Bay went 1 for 4.

Rays of the Day: Sonnanstine (.154 WPA) looked good though I get the feeling I could have thrown 5 innings against the Sox right now and pick up a win. Pena (.131) and Aybar (.114). Suckage Sox: Wakefield (-.300) and Coco Crisp (-.119).

The Sox have come back from being down like this before but I don't think it's going to happen this time. Thursday Dicek tries to extend the series and James Shields goes for the Rays.

The election? Well looks like we get Stephan Harper the Robotic Prime Minister again. Oh joy.

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