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Return of the Grievous Angel

Hi, everyone. I apologize for being awol for a while - the craziest thing happened. I cut myself while cooking way back last Monday, and somehow the cut got infected with what turned out to be MRSA, a nasty antibiotic-resistant type of staph infection. Trying to treat it as a normal infection didn't work, of course, and so before I knew it I was in the hospital with a hand the size of Shaq (though considerably more red and excruciatingly painful). Luckily, I responded fairly well to the IV antibiotics and surgery to porotect the hand wasn't necessary, but I was in the hospital for 4 days on the IV. I got home from the hospital yesterday and am feeling much better, though I have probably a week or so before I can use my left hand again (one-handed typing sucks, btw).

Crazy story, right? On the plus side, I missed the Mets collapse (at least the end of it), I got to watch some playoff baseball, and am a little more like Alex Rios now. So, the lesson - don't get MRSA.