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Championship Series Day 10

Rays 3 Red Sox 1

Oh heck, you guys all know what happened, that was a great game and a fun series. Matt Garza pitched the way he pitched against the Blue Jays 4 times this season, 7 innings 2 hits, 1 earned off a solo homer in the first and 9 strikeouts. Jon Lester was almost as good, he seemed to tired in the middle there in the middle of the game for a bit, but he gutted out 7 strong innings, his team just didn't get the big hit at the right moment. The comeback came just that short this year for the Sox.

Canadians and former Jays in the game: Jason Bay was 1 for 3 with a walk, considering the Sox only had 3 hits that's pretty good. Gabe Gross got in the game as a defensive replacement, the way he's been swinging the bat, that's likely his role for the World Series. Eric Hinske still hasn't appeared in the playoffs.

Rays of the Day: Garza (.263 WPA), David Price (.204, 1.1 innings of no hit ball for the save), Willy Aybar (.169, 2 for 3, a homer, 2 runs and an RBI), and Evan Longoria (.111, 1 for 3 and an RBI). Suckage Ray B.J. Upton (-.122 and no home runs for a change).

Red Sox of the Day: Jason Bay (.113). Suckage Sox: Mark Kotsay (-.182, 0 for 4), Jason Varitek (-.177, 0 for 4, looking terrible at the plate), Ortiz (-.131, 0 for 3) and JD Drew (-.119, 0 for 3). Special Suckage Sox award to Coco Crisp who had he slid straight to the bag in the 8th would have been safe and who knows what would have happened after that. Crisp totally misread the play, thinking he had to take out Bartlett to break up a double play, when there was no chance at a double play. He should have gone straight for the bag. They could have been down by 1 with runners on 1st and 2nd with 1 out.

Jason Varitek sure didn't raise his value going into free agency, striking out 3 times and hitting .050 with the 1 homer for the series. I wonder if he'll be retiring rather than becoming a backup somewhere.

Congratulations to the Rays. The World Series starts Wednesday in (I wonder what the Vegas odds were before the start of the season) Tampa Bay. I think our Jays should take some credit for this, if we hadn't played so crappy against the Ray none of this would have happened.

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