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Who We Have Left to Cheer For

I thought before tonight's game we should look at who we have left to cheer for in the series. On the Rays only former Jays on the roster are Trever Miller, who was a reliever for us in 2003 and Gabe Gross, who was a first round draft choice for the Jays in the 2001 amateur draft and was a part-timer for us in 2004 and 2005 before being traded to the Brewers with David Bush and Zack Jackson for Lyle OVerbay and Ty Taubenheim. Eric Hinske isn't on the World Series roster and wasn't on the ALCS roster. That must be tough for him considering he hit 20 home runs this season.

On the Phillies there is Scott Eyre who was a reliever for the Jays for 2001 and part of 2002 before being picked up by the Giants off waivers and Jayson Werth who was a first role pick for the Jays in 1997 and had cups of coffee with the  team in 2002 and 1003 before he was traded to the Dodgers for Jason Frasor. And, of course, Matt Stairs who, not only was a Jay, but is a good Canadian boy too.

The most important Jay with the Phillies is the GM Pat Gullick who was our GM back when we won the World Series two year in a row. I don't suppose he would like to come back.

Anyway the Series starts tonight at 8:00 Eastern. I half want to have a game thread for it tonight since I get to sit at home and watch. My guess? Rays in 6.

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