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World Series Game 1 Recap

Great first game, it is going to be a fun series. Cole Hamels was terrific yet again, 7 innings 5 hits, 2 earned. Madson and Lidge finished off the game with a perfect inning each. Scott Kazmir was far less terrific, getting into trouble in each of his 6 innings, giving up 6 hits, 4 walks but only 3 earned. The Rays bullpen held the line there but the offense couldn't get the tying run.

Former Jays: Werth was 2 for 4 with a run and a walk. Stairs didn't get into the game, Chris Coste DHed against the lefty Kazmir and for some reason wasn't pinch hit for when the Rays brought in the right handers. Gross didn't play and Trever Miller struck out the one batter he faced.

Phillies of the Day: Hamels (.280 WPA), Brad Lidge (.209), Chase Utley (.204) and Ryan Madson (.146) and Pedro Feliz (.096). Suckage Rays: Jimmy Rollins (-.144), Ryan Howard (-.116, 0 for 4 with 3 strikeouts, and some crappy fielding) and Chris Coste (-.095). Ray of the Day: Akinori Iwamura (.188). Suckage Rays: BJ Upton (-.337), Carlos Pena (-.168 and an error), Evan Longoria (-.140) and Dioner Navarro (-.096).

We had a lot of fun in the game thread tonight, with 404 comments, including, amazingly enough, at least a handful that were about the game. And we had a new member in the thread, with the great name No Bunting. Hope to see you again in the thread. So if you missed out, join us in the thread tomorrow night.

Tomorrow's pitchers are Hugo's favorite Brett Myers for the Phillies and James Shields for the Rays.

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