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I Lived Through a Record One Summer Last Fall: Fall/Winter League Update

Who doesn't like Jets to Brazil?  As the Rays and Phillies enjoy a day off from the Fall Classic, I thought we should take a look at how our hatchlings are doing in the warm weather fall and winter leagues.  Of course, small sample size and league caveats apply, but how a player does in the "season after the season" does affect how the Jays assess his performance going into the following season. 

J.P. Arencibia got off to a slow start in the Arizona Fall League but has come on strong lately, riding a 6 game hitting streak and hitting for average and power as well as driving in runs.  He has walked 3 times in 43 plate appearances, which isn't overmuch but it is an improvement, albeit in a tiny sample size, over what he was doing during the sesaon. 

His teammate Scott Campbell is also doing a great job, hitting .316/.500/.421 in 10 games.  The young lefty-hitting Kiwi has a triple, a steal, and more walks than strikeouts for Phoenix. 

The Jay AFL pitchers are not fairing as well.  Zach Dials, Kyle Ginley, Daryl Harang, and Mike MacDonald are all getting knocked around.  Dials is doing the best, with a 7.11 ERA but an impressive 7/1 K/BB ratio over 6 1/3 innings that suggests he will soon see an improvement. 

Finally, Ryan Patterson, who had another lackluster season at AA to completely drop off prospect lists, isn't doing much, with a .259/.310/.370 line and 1 home run in 27 at-bats. 

4 young Jays are participating in the Dominican Winter League, the most notable of whom is Moses Sierra, but he hasn't seen much playing time yet. 

As I mentioned in the prospect countdown, both Tulane product Brad Emaus and fellow 2007 draftee Eric Eiland are playing in the attractive-sounding Hawaiian Winter League.  The 22-year old second-baseman Emaus is continuing to rip it up for the Honalulu Sharks, with a .342/.460/.500 line and is further making his case for New Hamphsire's starting second baseman job.  Eiland is not fairing as well, struggling mightily with an .091 average and 14 Ks in 10 games.  The difference is not shocking given that Emaus was a level above Eiland and had a much better season, and now the two are facing the same competition. 

All in all, the young Jays are doing a nice job in their warmer climes.