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Happy Birthday Jesse Barfield

It is former Jay right fielder Jesse Barfield's 50th birthday today. Jesse played for the Jays from 1981 to1989. He was a favorite of mine. We'll have a more detailed profile of him when we get to him in the 'Top 50 Greatest Jays' list (presuming I get going on those again, next should be out by Friday) but have to wish the guy happy birthday on his 50th.

Jesse was a good defensive outfielder with a rocket for an arm and was part of what was the best Jays outfield ever with Lloyd Moesby and George Bell. Some at the time suggested it was the best outfield in baseball history but, of course, it wasn't. But they were very good.

Jesse is high on the team leader list in several offensive categories including 4th in home runs (for now, Wells will pass him early next season), 7th in RBI and 3rd in strikeouts. He was an All-Star in 1986 the year he lead the AL in homers with 40. He won the Gold Glove in 1986 and 1987.

Early in the 1989 season he was traded to the Yankees for Al Leiter and he played in New York for 4 seasons. His son Josh made the Majors with the Padres and the Indians. Now Jesse works as a color commentator on the Blue Jays games on CBC on the weekends. Since it is his birthday and all, I won't discuss his abilities at this.

So Happy Birthday Jesse. You will always be one of my favorite former Jays.