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Quick Recaps of Day Two of the Playoffs

Another day, another 3 games.....I'm going to need help getting off the couch when this is over.

First Game: White Sox 4 Rays 6

Evan Longoria is amazing, 3 hits, 2 home runs. Former Jay Gabe Gross played in RF for the Rays and went 1 for 3 with a walk. The other famous former Jay on the Rays Eric Hinske sat this one out. James Shields pitched a decent 6.1 innings and Balfour, Howell and Wheeler did a great job coming out of the bullpen. Balfour and Cabrera had an interesting moment when Cabrera didn't like that Balfour threw a breaking ball off the plate. A few words were exchanged and Balfour took more then the normal amount of joy when he struck Orlando out.

Javier Vazquez was terrible for the Sox, 4.1 innings, 8 hits, the 2 homers and 6 earned runs. I'd guess that he won't be starting again in the playoffs. Clayton Richard did a nice job in relief but by then it was too late. Former Jay prospect Dewayne Wise hit a three run homer in the losing cause.

Second Game: Brewers 2 Phillies 5

Phillies up 2 games to none.

Sabathia was awful, we may have found the answer to the musical question 'how many times in a row can a pitcher be amazing on short rest? 3.2 innings and 5 earned for CC. How many games have you watched where the pivotal at bat was when the pitcher was hitting? With 2 out in the 2nd Brett Myers worked a 9 pitch walk, keeping the inning going. Another walk then a Victorino grand slam and the game was pretty much over.

Stairs didn't get into the game again today. Tomorrow former Jay Dave Bush starts for the Brewers in a do or die game.

Third Game: Dodgers 10 Cubs 3

Dodgers up 2 games to none.

Boy the Cubs were awful, 4 errors leading to 4 unearned runs. Zambrano wasn't terrible, he was hurt by all the errors but then he didn't get the outs when he needed them. Manny hit another home run. Canadian Russell Martin drove in 3 runs.

Saturday Canadian Rich Harden starts for the Cubs, they'll need a great start from him, cause they looked terrible in the first two games. I'd mention that they were my pick to win the series but I think that goes without saying. I can pick them.


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