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The End of Game 5 of the World Series

Phillies 4 Rays 3

Most important news up National Anthem tonight.....apparently Duran Duran wasn't available. Or half of Duran Duran wasn't available.

Anyway....Phillies win the series. Hamels was the MVP. Everyone's favorite former Jay, Eric Hinske, struck out to end it all. Chase Utley made an amazing play, throwing out Jason Bartlett trying to score from second on an infield hit up the middle, a run that would have put the Rays ahead. A very big play. Akinori Iwamura didn't make a big play, missing an over-the-shoulder catch that would have saved a run for the Rays. The other former Jay in the game, Jayson Werth went 2 for 3, with 2 walks, 1 run and 1 RBI.

Phillies of the 2 days: JC Romero (.185 WPA), Pat Burrell (.166), Brad Lidge (.166), Jayson Werth (.146), Cole Hamels (.095), Shane Victorino (.092) and Geoff Jenkins (.092). Suckage Philly: Carlos Ruiz (-.093). Rays of the Game: Rocco Baldelli (.225) and Carlos Pena (.159). Suckage Rays: BJ Upton (-.184), Ben Zobrist (-.114), Eric Hinske (-.113....Hinske gets a Hinske?), Scott Kazmir (-.111) and Iwamura (-.108).

Anyway, congratulations to the Phillies. They earned the win. And is good to see that Matt Stairs will get a ring. He's a great guy and nice to see things turn out good for him. I'm curious to see if he retires after this.


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