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Brad Wilkerson "Opts" for Free Agency

I just had to comment on this story, about Wilk opting to become a free agent. I really just love the term 'opts' in it. It is like he turned down the Jay's offer of 5 years at $10 mil a year. There are a few other bits in the story I like:

outfielder Brad Wilkerson turned in the proper paperwork and filed for free agency

He turned in the proper paper work? That's what you are going to report. Do you figure half the guys that what to become a free agent fill out car loan forms instead?

Wilkerson, 31, struggled offensively throughout the 2008 campaign between stints with Seattle and Toronto.

Struggled offensively? I'm sure the Drunk Jay Fans would have more colorful language but I think we could just replace that with 'stunk up the joint'. Or perhaps 'had no clue what to do with that wooden thing in his hand'. Or maybe 'turned popping the ball up to an infielder into an art form' would work.

With the Jays, Wilkerson provided a left-handed bat off the bench and filled in as a part-timer in all three outfield spots and at first base.

Unfortunately far too much of the time he didn't 'provide a left-handed bat off the bench', far too often he was the starting right fielder and way way too often he led off for our offensively challenged squad. Anyway, since I too can provide a left-handed bat off the bench, I'd like to opt for free agency too. I promise a very small platoon split, I'll be equally terrible against lefties and righties. Well, I would opt for it, but I can't find the proper paper work....damn. Anyway rejoice, Jay's fans, both Wilk and Mench are no longer with the team.