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Week 5 Football Pool Results.

This week's winners with the spread were Indianapolis, Baltimore, Miami, Carolina, Washington, Chicago, Atlanta, NY Giants, Tampa Bay, New England, Arizona, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh and Minnesota.

This is the first week we haven't had a tie in our pool, the winner this week is SuckMD who got 11 of 14 right! I hope you gave your bookie the same picks as you gave us. That is also the best score we've had in any week yet. Just for the record, I came in second with 8 of 14 (I did own up last week when I only got 3 right). I won't even laugh at Hopelessjaysfan (6 of 14) for finally beating him out. Hopeless won two of the first three pools and lost the other one on the tie-breaker.

Jessef gets the prize for the low score this week, with 4 of 14. And we had our first female, Carm,  play this week, and she was nice enough to show up us guys, at least not all of us guys, she did beat a couple of us, getting 6 or 14.

Congratulations SuckMD.