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Later today MLB will announce that Evan Longoria is the AL Rookie of the Year....till then:

Over on they contend that  the Jays need is to aim for 2010, that with the injuries to Marcum and McGowan and the loss of AJ they don't stand a chance.  Their feeling is that the Jays should write off 2009 and look to trade Halladay. It is not a world view I agree with. But over the couple of weeks we'll be making that case. claims JP has a plan B if/when AJ doesn't sign with us. AJ's ERA was only slightly better than league average, so I think he can be replaced. Having to replace Marcum as well worries me more. The story also says that JP has talked to Rafael Furcal (yay) and Jason Giambi's agents. It is good to hear that JP is at least kicking some tires. Rumors says the Cardinals trade for Holliday deal is dead. How long till we hear Halladay for Holliday again? They also say that Pat Burrell hasn't received an offer from the Phillies yet. I wouldn't be against the Jays looking at him as a possible DH, if he could be had for a reasonable amount of money.

And in non-Major League news: a few days ago we received an email from a group that wants to purchase a independent minor league baseball team as a group, fan effort. For a subscription fee fans like you and me can have the right to vote on 'all major decisions of the team'. Obviously not 'in-game' decisions but....well sort of like a real life fantasy team. Their website can explain this far better than I can.