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Strange (and not as strange) News....

The A's apparently acquired Matt Holliday from the Colorado Rockies for Hudson Street, outfielder Carlos Gonzalez and left handed pitcher Greg Smith. I really don't understand it, just a few months ago the A's were sellers in the trade market even though the team was at the top of the AL West. Now they are buyers? Holliday only has one year left on his contract before becoming a free agent. Do the A's think they can sign him? Oh well, it makes things interesting.

11.11.2008:  7 am Update:  Hugo - Just to add a little, the Nationals also swung a big deal, trading infield prospect Emilio Bonifacio and minor leaguers PJ Dean (RHP) and Jake Smolinski (IF) to the Marlins for Scott Olsen and Josh Willingham.  A great deal for the Nats, as Olsen and Willingham immediately become their best pitcher and hitter.  Bonifacio looks like a capable leadoff hitter and second baseman for a major-league team, and I guess this means the Marlins will be looking to trade Dan Uggla since Bonifacio hasn't played any SS and likely won't hit enough to play elsewhere.   I'm a little annoyed with this deal since the Jays could definitely use two effective and reasonably priced players like Willingham and Olsen.  Willingham could be a lefty-mashing DH and fill in at outfield and perhaps even catcher, while the Jays could certainly use Olsen's arm notwithstanding his lousy year last season.  The Marlins couldn't have preferred trading the two within the division (even to the lowly Nats), so you're telling me that the Jays couldn't put together a better offer?

Also, Cuban star third-baseman Dayan Viciedo has become a free agent and will likely sign with an MLB team soon.  Major league teams are very high on the 19-year old Viciedo - I'm not sure why he wasn't/isn't in the amateur draft, but clearly his agent deserves a raise.  Viciedo would be an interesting signing for the Jays, who don't look as weak at third base now organizationally with Emaus and Campbell both getting playing time at third in addition to Ahrens.  I always wonder why the Jays don't have a leg up on the Cuban free agents considering the better relationship that the Canadian government has (as compared to the U.S. at least) with Cuba.  

Happy Veterans Day to all Statesiders and, as Bunner points out, Happy Rememberance Day to all Canadians!!