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Week 10 Football Pool Results

Well thought I had a winner this week. There weren't as many of us in it this week, likely due to me not realizing that there was a Thursday game and getting the pool up in a rush when I did realize....only due to an add on this website. Anyway the winners with the spread this week were Denver, Jacksonville, Tennessee, New England, Atlanta, Jets (big time), Seattle, Green Bay, Carolina, KC, Indianapolis, NY Giants, Baltimore and San Francisco.

I had 10 of 14 so was sure I'd win.....but No Bunting was the winner with 11 of 14!! So congratulations. At least I wasn't last this week, that honor goes to Carm, but since she has won one she shouldn't feel so bad, and she got 7 of 14.

Congratulations No Bunting. One Week I'll win....though I'm running out of weeks.