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Wednesday Bits

Gregg Zaun didn't enjoy his last season as a Jay and wants to let people know about it. In this story in the National Post Zaun, among other things says he was disrespected and that he wasn't told why he lost his starter's job. Also he says that Ricardi lies (no!, couldn't be):

"It sure wasn't easy to take when J. P. in the papers was telling everybody in the baseball world that nobody wanted me, when I knew that that was in fact not the truth," he said in a telephone interview. "To say that nobody was interested in me was inaccurate and embarrassing and it really made me look bad. I wasn't happy with that."

Over at Amazing Avenue they have an interesting post up about the book Moneyball. I'll admit it is one of my favorite books. Is worth the read but wanted to quote the important part:

Beane's salient point was not that on-base percentage was king (even though it is). The most important thing to take away from Moneyball, at least insofar as it would benefit a team without limitless resources, is the constant search for weaknesses in the market.

People (ie Joe Morgan)don't get it. Small market teams, if they are going to win, need to find skills that help a team win that don't cause a player to be overpaid. If you are the Yankees you can overpay, but if you are the A's you have to find the bargains. Course I don't know where trading for Holliday comes into it.

Beyond the Boxscore has their list of Top Fifty Players of 2008. Top 50 none pitchers that is. There are 2 Jays on the list, numbers 51 and 52, Marco Scutaro and Alex Rios.

And Cito Gaston has won the 2008 Jackie Robinson Lifetime Achievement Award. I can't say I had heard of the award before but it is for 'career excellence in the face of adversity'. Congratulations Cito.