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Halladay Finishes Second in Cy Young Vote

Cliff Lee got the Cy Young but at least Doc finished second. Lee received 132 points with 24 first place votes and 4 second. Doc had 4 firsts, 15 seconds and 6 third place votes. And yeah if you add them up, there were 4 BWAA voters that didn't think Doc was one of the three best pitchers in the AL. Those people's newspapers should fire them. obviously they know nothing about baseball.

KRod finished third with 32 points (7 second place votes). DiceK, Mariano Rivera, Mussina and Ervin Santana also received votes.

Yeah we knew Lee would win but it bugs me, again, that some voters were stupid enough to leave Doc off the list. Even being dumb enough to vote KRod second, for reasons that escape me, wouldn't you think they could at least put Doc third? I guess no one has claimed the writers are bright. In the NL a non-rookie got votes. If you can't at least make sure the one you are voting for is eligible for the award shouldn't you lose the right to vote?

I still think Doc was the best pitcher this season but I know that the writers most voters just look to see who had the most wins and put a check mark there. It is a sad world.