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Little Bits of Late Nite News

Sad news......Fire Joe Morgan is shutting down. Since Joe Morgan has long been one of my least favorite baseball commentators, so I have enjoyed a site that is dedicated to making fun of him. But then, he is  easy to make fun of.  Very occasionally they would make fun of someone else and it was always great to read.

It looks like Kerry Wood's days with the Cubs are at an end. The Cubs traded for reliever Kevin Gregg from the Florida Marlins giving the Marlins pitcher Jose Ceda in return. Gregg had a 3.41 ERA and 29 saves this season with the Marlins. Kerry Wood is a free agent and is looking for a long term contract, but the Cubs decided they didn't want to give him one.

And in closer to home news, A.J. Burnett has filed for free agency...yeah, I know, we've known this was coming for awhile, but now it is official.  Randy Johnson also filed today, tomorrow is the final day for players to file. Randy might be an interesting player for the Jays to go after. He'd likely only want a one year contract and being just 5 wins short of 300, he could be a good draw for the Jays. 

The Jays who filed are AJ, John Parrish, Brad Wilkerson and Gregg Zaun. I don't think the Jays have interest in bring any of them back.

And in fun news, the town of Batman, Turkey is suing Warner Brothers and Dark Knight director Chistopher Nolan for using the name Batman without their premission. If it works out for them they plan on suing Thanksgiving for using turkeys without their premission. Yeah yeah, I know it has nothing to do with football but aren't you glad you know this?