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Weekly Poll

Since there isn't much Jay news to talk about this morning I thought we'd put up a poll, though the Yankee's offer to CC Sabathia does seem to open the discussion about another step up in player salaries, at a time when you'd have to guess that revenues are going to be down. I'd imagine Detriot Tiger revenues will be way down this year with the layoffs in the car industry. Yankees and the Mets are, likely, the only teams that will have a big revenue boost.

The huge contract offered to CC, 6 years and $140 million, will drive the price up for Burnett and in turn all the rest of the better free agent pitchers. I hope the Jays can afford someone.

Anyway, the movie poll has 'Major League' as the winner. Really? You guys think that was the best baseball movie ever? Oooookay fine. This week back to the best Jays polls, this time it is starting pitchers. We've had a number of good starters.