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Week 11 Football Pool Results

Well another week goes by and yet again I don't win.....sigh. Winners this week were Jets, Denver, Oakland, Giants, Houston, Tennessee, Green Bay (pounded da Bears), Cincinnati (in a tie game), New Orleans, Detroit (!), Tampa Bay, San Francisco, Arizona, San Diego, Dallas and Cleveland.

This week's winner: No Bunting, for the second week in a row, with a big 13 of 16, showing that bunting is a bad idea even in football. Loser this week, a new player, Tommy02 with 6 of 16, who just happens to be my middle boy. So skill in picking football teams runs in the family. Hugo had a bad week too getting 7 but I'm sure he's just happy his Jets won. Me, I got 9.

So congratulations again, No Bunting. There is a Thursday game again this week, so we'll have the pool up early Wednesday. And since my Stampeders are in the Grey Cup this weekend (!!!!) the tie-breaker will be picking the number of points they will win by.