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Bits of News on a Thursday Night

Our Blue Jays have made a handle of minor moves on the 40 man roster. Add to the roster are lefty pitchers Ricky Romero and Robert Ray and right hander Luis Perez. Romero and Ray are on our top prospects list at #9 and #12 respectively. Perez pitched in A ball for us last year, going 5 and 12 with a 3.60 ERA.

To make room recent pick ups lefty pitcher Les Walrond and infielder Angel Sanchez were dropped. Walrond was picked off waivers from the Phillies earlier this month and apparently is headed to Japan to play over there. Sanchez was taken off waivers from the Royals early this month.

In other news Mike Mussina has announced his retirement. Nice for him to be able to retire after his first 20 win season. He finishes with 270 career wins, good for a tie for 33rd spot all time. He isn't a lock for the Hall of Fame but you'd have to think he has a good shot at it. I'll admit I'm not big fan, as a general rule I'm not a big fan of any Yankee, but that deep bend over from his waste at the start of every windup was kind of interesting.

Phillies Chase Utley is to have hip surgery and may miss a large portion of next season. Utley has been hurting since May but still played in 159 games and hit .292 with 33 home runs.

And in the category of stories that I would think should come out of the Bizzaro universe, apparently Manny Ramirez would like to be a Blue Jay but we don't have interest in him. I know, money is the ruling issue, but don't you think signing Manny would be worth his weight in season tickets? And wouldn't it be a good signal to the rest of the team that 'hey we are interested in winning'? As much as we really could use a starting pitcher, a short stop and a catcher......wouldn't you gladly take Manny and live with what we have at the other spots?

Take the money we aren't paying AJ, trade off BJ and add that money in and whatever beyond that amount that Manny would cost you'd have to guess that would be more than made up in ticket sales. If I was JP, I'd have to think I was going into this season with a win or be fired in the back of my mind, so why doesn't he show a bit of urgency?

And in news, that no one but me will be interested in, son of  former Jay John Mayberry, John Mayberry, Jr (inventive name) was traded from the Texas Rangers to the Phillies For outfielder Greg Golson. Mayberry, 24, hit .264 with 20 homers between Double A and Triple A. John Sr. is number 41 on our list of top 50 Jays.