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Week 12 Football Pool Results

The important thing is the Stampeders won, no matter what some drunks might think. Canadian football is much better than NFL, real men don't need four plays to go 10 years and our balls are bigger. So there.

The winners this week were Pittsburgh, Houston, Buffulo, Jets, New England, Dallas, Tampa Bay, Baltimore, Chicago, Minnesota, Atlanta, Oakland (big win over Denver!), Seattle (by half a point), Giants, Indianapolis and New Orleans. And, of course, in case I haven't mentioned it, My Stamps!

Anyway this week's winner, Hugo with 10 of 16. Good job Hugo. I can't even bring myself to feel jealous, even though that's his second win this year, cause....well you know. Losers this week were last week's winner No Bunting and Carm with 7 of 16. Hmmmm almost like you copied off each other.

With it being Thanksgiving over on the other side of the 49th, there are three games on Thursday. I'll likely get next week's pool up later tonight.

Congratulations Hugo.