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Bits of News on a Wednesday

There is good news in the Blue Jay world, Dustin McGowan is about ready to start throwing a ball again. He should be able to do some light throwing in the next couple of weeks. He is hoping to be ready to start the season, but that might be a bit too hopeful. Would be great if he could be in the rotation by May.

Elsewhere....for reasons that escape me, Richard Griffin did a live chat where people asked him questions and he ranted about how lousy a job JP is doing. I'd make fun of his answers but some drunk guys beat me to it.

But there are a few highlights I have to mention: he still has this crush on Orlando Cabrera, that defies understanding. Shows that he still hasn't looked at any stats. Also there is a person on the planet that thinks Russ Adams should be a major league DH and that Griffin doesn't think it is a bad idea, just thinks JP wouldn't do it because JP is embarrassed because he picked him. Personally I think JP would be thrilled to find Adams has value but is too good a judge of talent to fool himself like that. How you can turn a stupid suggestion

He thinks they should sign Jon Garland to a multi year contract. But not Milton Bradley because he is a cancer. And this guy wants to be a GM.

And, from other places, there are rumors of Andy Pettitte and the Dodgers being interested in each other. Pettitte is one of the few pitchers we haven't talked about for the Jays. He would be an interesting fit, and would likely take a one year contract.

Happy Thanksgiving, for those of you south of the border.