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Monday Thoughts

This week the 2008 SB Nation Awards will be announced, the awards are voted on by the bloggers here at SB Nation, 2 votes for each team's site. Today at 2:00 Eastern we'll have the Manager of the Year Award (yeah I know, it was announced a couple of weeks back, that was just a trail run), tomorrow we'll have the Rookie of the Year, Wednesday Cy Young Awards and Thursday the MVP.

Over at they have released the list of Type A and B free agents. Interestingly to Jays fans is that AJ Burnett will be a Type A agent (yeah we knew he would be), presuming he files, of course, and Gregg Zaun is a Type B. Also, if you want a current list of those that have declared free agency up to this point, there is a list on The list will grow over the next week

It is fun to look thru the list and try to guess who the Jays might go after. The list of catchers declared, so far, isn't very impressive. One name that hasn't been mentioned around here is Ivan Rodriguez, he might me happy to take a 1 year contract. His numbers the last couple of years aren't that much better than Barajas, but his defense is still good. He would give the Jays that stopgap that need for a season before any of half dozen prospects are ready to take the job.

There isn't anyone in the list of shortstops that have filed, up till now, that are really a step up from what we have. Now when Furcal files, he could give us a good lead off man and play a good short. I'd like JP to go after him.

As far as potential DH types, well there are lots of good choices: Manny, Giambi and all the others that have been mentioned here. Milton Bradley is one that I'd like them to look at. He could DH and hopefully stay healthy and could occasionally fill in in the outfield. He'd likely be looking for $12 to $15 million for 3 or 4 years.

Another player of about that ability and who would cost roughly the same who hasn't filed yet is Pat Burrell. His batting average wasn't great this past year, but he hit 32 homers and took over 100 walks. He could play could DH and play the field some to spell the other outfielders.

There are a number of starting pitchers that the team could look at when AJ signs with someone else. Many of whom have been discussed here. I like Derek Lowe if I have to pick out one, great ground ball pitcher and we have an infield that could help him out.

Anyway take a look at who's available out there and have fun imagining them in a Jay's uniform.