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Week 9 Football Pool Results

So we are past the halfway point in the season and I still haven't won one of these pools, but I did do much better than the last couple of weeks. I am sticking with the story that being a good host forbids me from winning. Unless, of course, I do happen to win one (yeah right). Anyway this week's winners against the spread were: Minnesota, Cincinnati, Kansas City, New York Jets, Arizona, Detroit, Green Bay, Miami, Atlanta, New York Giants (man Dallas is awful, why did I pick them?), Philadelphia, New England and Pittsburgh.

This week we had a tie. Carm and Hopelessjaysfan tied with 8 of 14, but Hopeless won the tie-breaker.  I believe this is his third win and I think each time he had won on the tie-breaker. We were all grouped this week, most of us had 7 of 14, myself included. Which means I didn't have the low score. That 'honor' went to NoBunting, but then he was only one worse, getting 6 of 14.

Anyway, congratulations Hopelessjaysfan.

And for all you south of the border, remember it is election day, as always: Vote Early, Vote Often.