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American League Gold Glove Winners Announced

And the best defensive team in baseball, our Blue Jays, were shut out. Winners were:

P Mike Mussina, NYY
C Joe Mauer, MT
1B Carlos Pena, TBR
2B Dustin Pedroia, BRS
3B Adrian Beltre, SM
SS Michael Young, TR
OF Torii Hunter, LAA
OF Grady Sizemore, CI
OF Ichiro Suzuki

The one that stands out is Michael Young, who has to be one of the worse shortstops in recent memory. Maybe it is time to take the vote away from the managers and coaches and give it to someone that will take a moment to think before voting? I'd pick Overbay over Pena, I'd pick 5 guys before Pedroia, but then it has always been as much an offensive award as defensive. Rob Neyer has a good breakdown of the award winners on