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Rangers Exercise Option on Blalock

Another day, another offensive player coveted by Jays' fans retained by his team.  The Texas Rangers exercised their $6.2 million option on third baseman Hank Blalock
.  I wouldn't say this is a surprise since that is good value to get a player of Blalock's caliber on a 1-year deal, but I was hoping that Texas would cut ties with their off-injured power-hitting third baseman and we could sign him as a DH and as insurance for Scott Rolen at 3rd base (as well as insurance at 1st base, since the Jays continue to talk about trading Lyle Overbay).  

Of course, the Jays could still make an offer to the Rangers for Blalock, but their greatest commodity is bullpen pitching and it's hard (though not impossible) to get much for that.

Anyway, a good bit of business for Texas.  Even if they don't want Blalock, he has a lot of trade value to a team like the Jays so good move.