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Arbitration Deadline

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Today is the deadline for offering arbitration to six-year free agents. So for bloggers of most teams it gives them something to write about, argue, second guess. For us, well, there isn't anything to debate. 

We have three eligible players: AJ Burnett, who we will offer arbitration to, so that we will get the two draft picks when he signs somewhere else, Gregg Zaun, who we won't offer, even though he is a Type B free agent, on the fear that he would accept, and Brad Wilkerson, who unless he has pictures of JP with farm animals, there is no way he'd be offered anything. Maybe a ticket out of town. 

Zaun is the only one with a bit of room for debate, as it seems he wouldn't want to come back but then I'm not sure he would get any better offers and he would get a fair amount of money in arbitration. So won't happen.

And there ends the debate. 

Boy it would be nice if there was some Jay's news.