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Little Bits of News on a Wednesday

CC Sabathia is apparently going to sign with the Yankees, I was hoping that he had decided against taking the Yankee offer, but no such luck. He'll be getting at least $140 million over at least 6 years. I'm not sure I'd want him signed for that long but there is no doubting that he is one of the top pitchers in baseball.

And the other New York team will be signing Francisco Rodriguez for 3 years and $37 million. It does sort of make the $20 million we owe to BJ seem not so bad at the moment.

For some reason the Dodgers signed former Jay Casey Blake for 3 years and $17.5 million. Casey is 35 now, and isn't a terrific third baseman, I doubt he'll be a major league average player in three years.

And in the this makes no sense at all category, the Toronto Sun's Bob Elliot says the Jays have 'looked at' Jason Barlett. I'm not Scoot biggest fan but I'd rather have Marco that Barlett, even if some idiot voted for Barlett as AL MVP. Elliot also says the Jays have 'discussed' Ty Wigginton, who would be a good back up at 3B/right handed platoon 1B/DH and mentioned the Furcal rumor we talked about yesterday.

And on the Truth and Rumors page it has the Dodgers and Red Sox talking to Andy Pettitte. I can understand that Joe Torre would like to get Pettitte back but why would the Red Sox want him? 

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