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I Need All The Friends I Can Get: Jays Sign Matt Clement

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And we were told nothing earthshattering would happen at these meetings.  The Jays signed former Red Sock, former Cub, former Padre, and former Marlin Matt Clement today.  The deal is of the minor league variety and is expected to include a spring training invite.  Clement has been battling shoulder problems for the last several years and made 16 appearances last season at different levels in the St. Louis Cardinals minor league system. 

Clement is a perfect replacement for A.J. Burnett, since he, like Burnett, is a ".500 pitcher" (lifetime 88-87) and has battled injuries.  In addition, Clement, like A.J. and fellow Jay target Carl Pavano, is a former puil of Jays pitching coach Brad Arnsberg, although he did not thrive under his tutelage.  Clement will join Casey Janssen and Dustin McGowan as recoverees from major shoulder surgeries trying to make an impact for the 2009 Jays.  And our dear leader on the righty:

"From what we understand, he's healthy," Ricciardi said this week. "We've talked to him and we don't know where he stands on some things."

Fair enough. 

This is a pretty good move.  Clement has had serious shoulder injuries so who knows whether he will be able to contribute again, but at 34, he could still come back.  His career ERA+ is 96 and he has put together a couple of very good seasons earlier in his career, with generally good K rates throughout (though in the NL mostly).  Nothing earthshattering, but if he's healthy he's likely to be adequate for the Jays.  Finally, he looks exactly like a good friend of mine from college who, coincidentally, is a big Cubbies fan. 

Today's post from the great twee band (not entirely an oxymoron) Camera Obscura.  Ridiculously appropriate