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Hall of Fame Poll Results

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Time to look at the results for our Hall of Fame polls, we'll list the 'Yes' percentage for each player

Rickey Henderson   97%
Tim Raines                81%
Bert Blyleven             64%
Andre Dawson          62%
Alan Trammell           54%
Mark McGwire           53%
Jim Rice                      52%
Jack Morris                 44%
Lee Smith                   40%
Tommy John              36%
Don Mattingly             36%
Dale Murphy               30%
David Cone                 25%
Harold Baines            25%
Matt Williams              15%
Jesse Orosco             13%
Mark Grace                   8%
Dave Parker                 5%

So as you can see, if we were the voters, the only two that got over the 75% mark needed for election into the Hall were Rickey Henderson and Tim Raines. Now I doubt the writers will see it the same way, I'm sure Rickey will get in but I doubt they will have the smarts to vote in Raines. But it would be pretty poetic if the vote turned out this way. The two greatest leadoff men of their generation and quite possibly the two greatest leadoff men ever going into the Hall together? Couldn't be better. 

Some interesting things about the vote. Like the writers, we can't have a unanimous selection....someone voted no on Henderson. I'd like the hear the reasoning. I'm pretty sure he won't be unanimous with the writers either. All the players got at least 5% so, if we were voting they would all appear on next year's ballot, well, except for Jim Rice as he has been on it for the maximum number of years.

As a personal thing, I'd vote Rice and Dawson in, Rice was the most feared slugger of his time and Dawson did almost every very well, great power and speed and defense. Blyleven quite possibly deserves to be in the Hall too.

Mark McGwire's vote interests me, 53% yes. I would vote no again this year and expect him to come clean about the steroid use before I would put him in. But he clearly has the numbers to make the Hall and when he took whatever he took, there was no explicit rule against performance enhancing drugs . Makes me wonder what will happen when Barry Bond's name appears on the ballot.

Lee Smith is interesting because it is hard to figure where the line is for closers to get into the Hall. 478 saves and 3rd on the all time list, and yet we don't think he should be in? But I agree, I wouldn't elect him.

I am tore on Alan Trammell. There are not enough shortstops in the Hall and Trammell was a good one, but maybe not quite a great one. Or not quite a great enough one. Jack Morris is interesting too, shows we have changed our view on what make a Hall of Famer, I think 20 years ago a player with his career would have gone in easy. Now? Wins are not enough. 

And even Harold Baines and Jesse Orosco got votes.