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Furcal Signs with Braves

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Rafael Furcal has signed with the Braves for 3 years with a vesting option for a fourth year. So that little fantasy is over. To be honest....though there isn't a mention of the amount of money, I'm not sure I'd want to be paying him all the much for that long. But making the last season a vesting option was a good move by the Braves.

With Furcal off the market there isn't a SS left that I would want the Jays to sign. So maybe we could get a DH type instead?

Update: apparently it isn't a done deal after all. The Dodgers are back in the chase. What Atlanta offered was 3 years for $30 million and a vest option for a fourth year if he played 132 games in the third year. It doesn't seem like that bad a deal, I wonder why the Jays dropped out, they must have known it would be about $10 million a year.